photo of counselling chairs

In a private, independent practice, Julia is a qualified counsellor offering counselling to individuals, aged 18 or above who find themselves experiencing distress and difficulties in their lives and/or who may be seeking a greater sense of fulfilment or satisfaction than their current way of living.

Many of us encounter times of distress at some time in our lives, whether that be in reaction to something that has happened either in the past or more recently. Sometimes that might leave a person with many questions such as why they feel the way they do, what to do next or even what’s up with me?

Counselling can help you explore feelings and understand things more clearly, and to see how feelings are associated with our experiences. Counselling can enable you to identify how you may draw on your inner resources to enable you to initiate changes where you feel it is appropriate for you.

Counselling can help with many issues including low self-esteem, bereavement, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse.